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Sheriff Badge for Douglas Countydog laying on the hood of a car

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office currently has two deputies assigned to the K-9 Unit: Deputy Brian Witt with K-9 Talon and Deputy Cory Fossum with K-9 Raptor.

Talon joined the Sheriff's Office in April of 2014, after the unexpected retirement of K-9 Beau due to a medical condition.

Raptor joined the Sheriff's Office in June of 2017.

The Sheriff's office utilizes K-9 officers for various high-risk situations such as building and open area searches, tracking of suspects, evidence location, search and rescue, and drug interdiction.

The K-9's are also trained to protect their handler and to hold a violent or dangerous person and prevent their escape. The K-9 team members are on-call 24-hours a day.

While patrol work, narcotics detection, and training consume a major portion of the unit's time, team members frequently perform many other assignments, including demonstrations for children's groups, school events and community organizations. They are often called upon by other law enforcement agencies to assist with law enforcement related duties.

K-9 and partner by their patrol car

K-9 wearing a badge

Beau's first find of marijuana
K-9 Beau with his first big "find". 17 pounds of marijuana off the streets.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is also a participant in the Amsoil Northland Law Enforcement K-9 Foundation. 

Amsoil Northland Law Enforcement badgeK-9 attacking a persons arm

History of The Douglas County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit

Partner hugging his K-9 K-9 and partner standing next to their patrol car Two officers stand next to their K-9s
K-9 smiling Black-and-white version of K-9s and their partners Officers sitting on the ground petting their K-9
Black and white version of a K-9 standing behind the sheriff's car Black and white version of a K-9 standing on the grass Officer and K-9s searching the woods