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Frequently Asked Questions

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Douglas County Jail
1310 N 14th St
Superior, WI 54880

UF = Unpaid Fines. Pay at clerk of courts office or online.

FTA = Failure to Appear. Contact your attorney or DA Office to schedule a court date.

Body Only = Must Appear in Court. Contact your attorney or DA Office to schedule a court date.

A: People who are convicted of, adjudicated or committed for a violation, solicitation, conspiracy or attempt to commit a violation of any registerable offense on or after 12/25/1993 must register. This also includes people who have been in prison, on probation or parole or in a mental or county correctional institution since 12/25/93 for a registerable offense.

Additionally, the following sex offenders are required to register in Wisconsin if they live, work or attend school in Wisconsin:

  • any sex offender who is required to register with another state/jurisdiction
  • any sex offender convicted in a military, tribal, or federal court
  • any sex offender who has been convicted in another state of an offense comparable to one of Wisconsin's registerable offenses
  • any juvenile who is on supervision and enters Wisconsin under the Interstate Compact Agreement

Please consult WI Statute 301.45 for a detailed description of the specific circumstances that require registration. You can access specific statutes from this Web site.

940.225(1) First Degree Sexual Assault
940.225(2) Second Degree Sexual Assault
940.225(3) Third Degree Sexual Assault
940.22(2) Sexual Exploitation by Therapist
940.30 False Imprisonment-victim was minor and not the offender's child
940.31 Kidnapping -victim was minor and not the offender's child
944.01 Rape (old statute)
944.06 Incest
944.10 Sexual Intercourse with a Child (old statute)
944.11 Indecent Behavior with a Child (old statute)
944.12 Enticing Child for Immoral Purposes (old statute)
948.02(1) First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child
948.02(2) Second Degree Sexual Assault of a Child
948.025 Repeated Acts of Sexual Assault of a Child
948.05 Sexual Exploitation of a Child
948.055 Causing a child to View or Listen to Sexual Activity
948.06 Incest with a Child
948.07 Child Enticement
948.075 Use of a Computer to Facilitate a Sex Crime
948.08 Soliciting a Child for Prostitution
948.095 Sexual Assault of a Student by School Instructional Staff
948.11(2)(a)-(am) Exposing Child to Harmful Material-felony sections
948.12 Possession of Child Pornography
948.13 Convicted Child Sex Offender Working with Children
948.30 Abduction of Another's Child
971.17 Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Disease-of a listed sex offense
975.06 Sex Crimes Law Commitment
980.01 Sexually Violent Person Commitment
The Court has discretion under Wisconsin statutes to require in a court order that a person register for violating these statutes:
Chapter 940 Crimes Against Life and Bodily Security
Chapter 944 Crimes Against Sexual Morality
Chapter 948 Crimes Against Children
971.17 Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Disease or Defect
943.01-943.15 Certain Crimes Against Property
942.08 Invasion of Privacy

A: The Sheriff's Office does not issue concealed carry permits. Permits must be obtained from the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice. Click here for more information on concealed carry.