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Random Acts of Kindness


The Douglas County Sheriff's Office and the Superior Police Department, with the help of the Garret Carr Memorial and the Rex Kern Memorial are pleased to announce a Random Acts of Kindness initiative. The two memorial funds have donated over $2000.00, in the form of gift cards, from local businesses.

During the months of November and December, with emphasis around the Holidays, Officer and Deputies will distribute the cards to members of the public. Contact with citizens, resulting in a gift card being handed out, can result from an officer seeing someone who appears to be in need, recognizing good driving behavior, or perhaps being observed doing something kind for another person.

The Garret Carr and Rex Kern organizations want to help make the holiday season a little brighter by “paying it forward” and also to help improve police/public relations and thus this idea was born. The letter explains in greater detail the stories behind the Garrett Carr Memorial and Rex Kern Memorial, the individuals being remembered, and other ways these two groups have contributed to our community.

The Superior Police Department and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office are honored in being able to help these groups honor the lives of Garrett Carr and Michael “Rex” Kern and help keep their memories alive!

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