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Foxboro Man Arrested on Gun, Attempted Homicide Charges


Deputies were called to a residence on the Foxboro Chaffey Rd at 4:13am Saturday morning on a report of a man with a gun. The male caller to 911 stated a man had stolen a firearm from his cousin, struck his cousin over the head with the gun, and fled the residence on foot with the gun.

As deputies were searching the area for the suspect, they were called to a nearby residence as the homeowner there called 911 saying a strange man was in her house and she was afraid. Deputies responded to that house and took 31 year old Christopher McNelis, Foxboro, into custody. A firearm was located under a couch near where McNelis was located.

According to the report, the two male cousins were in the area to go to their cabin. They met up with a female, also from out of the area, and McNelis at a local tavern. At closing time, the three made arrangements to go back to their cabin to continue the evening. McNelis apparently invited himself along, catching a ride with the female. According to the female, McNelis attempted to get her to bring him someplace else so they could be alone together.

Back at the cabin, the cousins were unpacking their truck and one had a handgun in a bag that McNelis took an interest in. McNelis removed it from the holster and loaded it before it was taken away from him by one of the cousins. McNelis told deputies he felt uneasy about that as the night progressed, so when he saw the guy go outside with the gun tucked in his waistband, he took the opportunity to follow him out and jump him and get the gun.

Those in still in the cabin heard a thud and looked out the window to see McNelis kneeling over the male with the gun to his head. The man reported he heard the gun click as if the trigger was pulled, but there was not a round in the chamber. The struggle continued and the man was struck several times in the head with the pistol. The magazine came out of the gun during the struggle and was lost in the snow.

McNelis went back in the cabin with the gun and tried to get the female to leave with him. McNelis fled on foot when she told him no and he realized there was no magazine in the gun. He went to the neighboring residence where he broke into an out building and started a fire in a wood stove. He then forced his way into the main residence where the occupant called 911 and he was taken into custody.

He was booked into the Douglas County Jail on charges of Criminal Trespass to Dwelling, Criminal Damage to Property; Endangering Safety by Use of a Dangerous Weapon; Causing Injury by Negligent Use of a Weapon; and Attempted Homicide.
He made an initial appearance in Douglas County Court Monday afternoon and was ordered a $10,000 cash bail.

Christopher McNelis mugshot

Christopher McNelis