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Two Charged in Town of Lakeside Burglary


Two persons were charged with burglary in Douglas County Court this week after being arrested for burglarizing a Town of Lakeside residence in late June.

On June 27, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office issued an alert for a suspicious person around the Poplar River Rd area.  This individual was identified and determined to be uninvolved in the burglary on June 26.

On July 11th the Sheriff's Office posted a photo on Facebook of a subject walking into a local retailer with credit cards that were stolen in the Lakeside burglary. This subject was also observed entering a second store with another male that was easily identified by law enforcement.

Subsequent investigation led to the arrest and confession of Lisa J. Schulties, 32, of Superior for the June 26 burglary.  Schulties implicated her boyfriend Jeorge A. Sales, 26, in the burglary as well.  Sales was the second subject seen walking in the store with the stolen cards.

Both are scheduled for a Preliminary Hearing on the charges on July 30th at 9:00am

Information on the third subject, Charles Lesley, is that he fled the area after seeing his photo on Facebook.  He is not a suspect in the burglary. No other charges have been filed against him at this time, although investigators would still like to speak to him.

Jeorge Sales mugshot Lisa Schulties mugshot