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Thomas G. Dalbec
Sheriff Thomas G. Dalbec
Term: 2003-2022

Tom Dalbec was born in Superior WI in 1965 and was a lifelong resident of the Billings Park neighborhood until graduating from SSHS in 1983. After graduation he joined the United States Air Force and was honorably discharged in 1987. Tom served with the MN Air National Guard from 1989-1991. Tom is a graduate of WITC-Superior with an A.S. Degree in Computer Programing and has a B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice from Warren University.

Tom joined the Superior Police Dept. in 1991 and served as local union president, as well as on the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Professional Police Assoc.

Tom left the SPD in 2001 for the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, and was elected Sheriff of Douglas County in 2003.