July E-Newsletter

Website-One Month Later

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Website has been up for about a month now. We have had 925,505 page hits over the first 35 days. 9 persons have been arrested that otherwise may not have been based on tips provided by you through the website and Facebook page. We expect those numbers to increase once the jail roster and active warrants go live on the website, which we are working on having complete in a couple of weeks. Watch for the alert on that. Speaking of alerts, you can sign up to receive alerts via e-mail or text message when something new is posted to the site from any or all of the various categories such as this e-newsletter, messages from the sheriff, new sex offenders in your neighborhood, most wanted, etc. Just go to the top of the page and click on ‘Sign Up for Alerts’ in the banner and choose your options.




Sheriff's Office On-Line with VINE/VPO Program

This month, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office went live with the states WI Vine/VPO. Vine is the statewide Victim Notification System.  The Douglas County Jail has been on line with Vine for many years. If a victim wanted to know when an offender is released from jail, they can sign up with Vine to receive a notification.  The VPO or Vine Protective Order system is a new program developed by WI to keep victims/petitioners in a restraining order or injunction action safer and better informed.

Studies have shown that the most dangerous time for someone seeking a restraining order against a person is right after that order is served. With VPO, the petitioner can sign up and be notified in real-time when a person is served. In Douglas County, when a Deputy serves on order upon a person, the dispatcher is notified and makes the appropriate notation in the VPO system.  The system then sends notification to the petitioner by text, email, or phone message.  Click HERE to learn more.







J-Turn Poll - - The Numbers

The first poll put up on our web page dealt with a subject of much contention in the central part of the county, the J-Turn in Hawthorne. The question was asked whether people felt the J-Turn was safer and have gotten used to it, whether it was safer but still inconvenient, or whether it wasn’t any safer. Here are the numbers:  54% voted it to be safer and have gotten used to the 45 or so seconds it takes to go around; 18% feel it is safer but still a pain in the butt; and 28% don’t think it’s any safer.

The statistics support those who think it’s safer: In the 30 months prior to the J-Turn opening, 10 crashes, (three injury and seven property damage), were reported. In the 30 months after the J-Turn, 2 property damage crashes. Not only has the frequency of intersection related crashes gone down, but the severity as well. Just like “they” said it would. So you might as well get used to it because I don’t think it’s going anywhere.


Sex Offender Accountability Program

Many have asked in the past month what’s up with the sex offenders. Wisconsin law mandates that persons convicted of certain offenses after 12/25/1993 must maintain contact with the state sex offender registry. Failure to do so is a Class H Felony. More detailed information on the sex offender registry may be found on our FAQ page or at the WI DOC Sex Offender Registry site.

Over the years, many of these persons have “slipped through the cracks”.  On June 4 we arrested an individual who had been non-compliant since 2001. In another recent high-profile case, a convicted sex offender was sentenced to life in prison for new sex crimes against children. He had previously been non-compliant and spent one day in jail as a result. One day for a crime punishable by a $10,000 fine and up to six years in prison.

We believe that holding people accountable and giving them some meaningful consequence for their actions will prevent or at least deter them from committing further acts and victimizing innocent persons. The information contained on the Sex Offender Locater is intended as a public information tool so people can make informed choices.  It is not intended to ‘out’ or embarrass anybody and the information should not be used to threaten, intimidate, or harass. Misuse of the information may result in criminal prosecution.

We will be working closely in the coming months with the Registry Specialist for this area to hold offenders accountable. Our goal is 100% compliance. If you are an offender and are out of compliance, GET CURRENT because we WILL be coming for you.


K-9 Talon Graduates

K-9 Talon recently completed certification in drug detection, area and building searches, and apprehension. Talon and his handler Deputy Brian Witt have thus far racked up ten drug arrests. They recently assisted a neighboring county with a search warrant where several pounds of marijuana and a large amount of cash were seized.

Talon joined the Sheriff’s Office in April of this year. Keep up the good work!


CRIME TIP HOTLINE 715-395-1230