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Cold Case General Information


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What is a “Cold Case”?  We define a “Cold Case” as any criminal case which has been closed or inactive due to the lack of investigative leads or information which would allow the case to be resolved.  In the majority of these cases all investigative information available to law enforcement has been followed up on by law enforcement and has not provided enough in a factual basis to resolve the case.  Because of Wisconsin statutory requirements requiring that most criminal cases must be charged with in 6 years of the commission of the crime, only those cases meeting the statutory requirements qualify as Cold Cases.


Statute of Limitations ss.939.74

Homicide: none; 1st degree intentional or reckless homicide, murder: none;

Sexual assault, physical abuse causing, sexual exploitation, incest, enticement of, or solicitation for prostitution of a child: before victim turns 31 yrs. old;

- See more at: Wisconsin Criminal Statute of Limitations Laws


The vast majority of Cold Cases reopened, re-investigated and resolved are based on new or never reported citizen/witness information provided to law enforcement.  If you or someone you know possess such information in a Cold Case in Douglas County, you are encouraged to contact us via the link on this site or by calling 715-395-1695.