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April – Motorists and motorcyclists asked to be alert, safe



State Patrol’s April Law of the Month reminds motorcyclists to be properly licensed

The warmer spring weather means more motorcyclists will be seen along roadways and the Wisconsin State Patrol is asking all motorists to share the road, be alert and safe. The State Patrol’s April Law of the Month reminds motorcycle operators to be properly licensed.

“Too often, we see motorcycle drivers that are not properly licensed,” said Wisconsin State Patrol Superintendent J.D. Lind. “Along with being illegal, it’s a safety concern because to get the required Class M license, they need to demonstrate they’re capable of safely operating a motorcycle.” A violation for operating a motorcycle without the proper license costs $200 along with three demerit points.

There are two ways motorcyclists can get their Class M license:

  • Pass a Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT)-administered motorcycle driving skills test at a Division of Motor Vehicles service center. Tests are conducted by appointment. Applicants must provide a motorcycle in good working order, wear eye protection and an approved helmet.
  • Successfully complete a WisDOT-approved rider education course. For a nominal fee, professional instructors guide riders through classroom and on-the-bike instruction. Students that successfully complete an approved education course can obtain a waiver for the skills test to obtain their Class M license.

“Taking a rider safety course is a great option for getting a Class M license,” Superintendent J.D. Lind said. “Along with courses for beginning motorcyclists, there are also refresher courses for more experienced riders. What you learn could easily help you avoid being involved in a crash.”




The Douglas County Highway Traffic Safety Commission meets at least quarterly to discuss issues related to traffic safety in Douglas County.  The commission is comprised of members from local law enforcement, WI State Patrol, WI DOT, fire, EMS, education, the legal profession and citizenry.

The WI Department of Transportation and the WI State Patrol distribute statewide the traffic law of the month in an effort to educate the public and enhance highway safety. This page will be used to publish those laws and discuss any other issues related to highway safety here in Douglas County.  Check back often for updates!

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