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Henry A. Huber served as a republican in the Wisconsin State Assembly from 1905 until 1906, and as a Wisconsin State Senator from 1913 until 1924. During his time as a senator, he gained national recognition for writing the Huber Law which allowed county prisoners to be employed during the day, and launched the concept of the prison work release program.

Work release, commonly known as the Huber Law, is a privilege granted by the court that allows sentenced inmates to leave the jail for work, child-care/elder-care, school, or treatment. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office administers its Work Release Program under a strict set of rules. The inmate's preparations that are made prior to incarceration will determine the inmate's ability to exercise his/her Huber privileges in a timely manner.



General Huber Information

When sentenced to a regular jail term or as part of a probationary sentence, the privilege of Huber or Work Release is given by the Court. This privilege was established by Statue so that persons confined to jail can maintain their employment, continue to support their families, and meet other obligations.

  • The approval of any job is up to the discretion of the Sheriff or his/her designee.
  • All property, including lockers, located within the Jail may be searched without permission at any time and for any reason.
  • All Huber/Work Release Inmates are subject to all general Jail Rules as well as Huber/Work Release Rules.

These Rules and guidelines have been established to maintain an orderly and efficient operation of the Huber Section, to maintain Jail Security, and to insure the safety and welfare of the inmate and staff. These Rules regulate the activities and conduct of inmates while outside the Jail. The intent is to treat all inmates as fair as possible.




  • Work: Inmates are limited to one job.  All Huber/Work Releases are subject to the approval of the Sheriff or his/her designee.  No new jobs will be allowed in places where alcohol is available.  Ask first if there is a question of a job being allowed. Exceptions may be made for exigent circumstances.
  • An inmate must remain in the Jail at least one day each week.   The week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.
  • Inmates will be allowed to work a normal eight-hour shift.  Inmates who do not work a normal shift may obtain permission to expand the hours as follows:
  • Inmates must be employed for at least three days each week.  Inmates will be released for no  more that 12 hours in a day, travel time is included.
  • Inmates must have health insurance or their employer must provide them with Workers Compensation Insurance.  Proof of insurance must be provided to the Jail Staff prior to release.
  • Inmates will be allowed to work out of the County.  To be considered for out-of-county work, inmates must have had the job before entering Jail.  No new jobs will be allowed outside the County.  Requests to work out-of-county must be submitted in writing to the Jail Staff.
  • A detailed work schedule on Company letterhead, including hours, rate of pay, and which days you will be working,   must be submitted by the inmate for the following week.  Only the employer may call and change hours.
  • No inmate will be released for work until the schedule is on file.
  • Inmates must go directly to and from the approved work location.  Any deviation from this must be approved by the Jail Staff in advance.  Inmates must be at the approved location at all times.  The Jail Staff must approve any change of location.  Work sites may be visited or called by Jail Staff or other law enforcement Officers.
  • Pay stubs or copies of the paycheck will be required to be turned in by the inmates on each payday.



All Huber Work Release inmates will be required to pay the rate set by the County Board to cover expenses incurred by the County.  Inmates who work only three days per week will be charged a full week’s fee.  All inmates must pay ten days charges in advance.  Inmates not paying will not be allowed to work.


Job search consists of:  The Huber Officer collecting applications for you and returning them for you.  You will receive a daily Local Paper to search the job ads.  If you get an interview, you will be allowed to attend as long as it is verified and approved by the Huber Officer.


All Huber/Work Release inmates are fully responsible for any and all types of medical bills.



Lunches will be provided for inmates who miss the normal serving hours.  Inmates who return before supper will be provided with a hot meal.  Inmates who are scheduled to work over two meals will be provided with two lunches when leaving.



Medical Request (non-emergency):

  • Will be submitted to the staff for approval.  All appointments will be made on workdays, either before, during, or after work, Jail Staff will verify all appointments.  Submit the medical request as soon as possible.

 Medical Requests (emergency):

  • Notify Staff immediately- the Jail Staff will assist the inmate in obtaining medical treatment.

All Huber/Work release inmates are fully-responsible for any and all types of medical bills.


Inmates will not be released if their bed is not made and his/her area is not clean.

Inmates may schedule with jail approval, treatment appointments, doctor appointments, or other types of counseling to occur at the beginning, end, or during the work release time period.

Probation Inmates

Inmates who have been ordered probation on their sentence will be granted time to visit with their Probation Officer. Time must be approved by Jail Staff.


Provide class schedule to Jail Staff.  A reasonable travel time to and from school will be allowed and set by the Jail.

Child care

Will be allowed for the inmates’ own children and only if the inmate is granted child care privileges.  The hours of the childcare will be the hours needed when the other child care person is at work.  Maximum hours will be the same for work.  A work schedule for the person who will be working while the inmate is performing child care services must be provided to the Jail Staff.  The inmate will be restricted to the single residence at which the child care is done, unless approved by the Jail Staff. Exceptions to the above maybe made in exigent circumstances.

Releases not allowed

  • Church-- use in-jail services when available
  • Alcoholic’s Anonymous-- use in-jail services when available
  • Narcotic’s Anonymous--use in-jail services when available
  • Non-Court ordered releases--Any release not authorized by the Court or other polices will not be permitted.



  • When returning to Jail, enter through the Douglas County Huber Work Release Entrance.  Push the intercom, then give the Jail Officer your name, and your Huber assigned jail locker number.  The Jail Officer will let you into the Huber waiting area.
  • While in the Huber waiting area, do not contact the person in the Control Center unless there is an Emergency.  A Jail Staff member will come and get you when time permits.
  • After being admitted back to Jail, inmates will be required to shower and leave all work/street clothing in the locker and change into a Jail uniform.
  • The Jail in not responsible for items missing in lockers.  You are responsible for keeping your locker locked at all times while not in use.
  • All inmates are subject to a pat down and/or strip search at  times. 


Inmates failing to return from any type of release will be charged with escape.  All remaining Huber/Work Release privileges will be revoked. Good time may be also revoked.


Rules (General)

  • Inmates may not possess or consume any alcoholic beverages, non-prescription controlled substances, or any item with alcohol content, (most cough syrups contain alcohol).  You are not allowed to take any over the counter medication unless approved by the Jail Nurse when you are out of the facility.  The Jail Nurse can be contacted at 715-395-1246, for any medical questions or concerns. 
  • Inmates are required to take breath, blood, or urine tests whenever a violation is suspected, at random intervals, or as ordered any time the Jail requires it.
  • The Jail Nurse/Jail Staff must be informed of any type of medication being taken by an inmate in advance of taking such medications.
  • No narcotics are allowed while you are on Huber/Work release, unless the Nursing staff has giving permission.
  • Approval of non-prescription medications must be obtained from Jail Nurse/Jail Staff.
  • Inmates shall not enter any portion of the Jail unescorted unless permission is granted by the Jail Staff.


Electronic Monitoring

Inmates, under specific circumstances, may be allowed to served their sentence under "house arrest".  They are allowed to remain at home under strict rule and with electronic monitoring.


  1. Any violation of the Douglas County Jail Rules will result in disciplinary action which may include but is not limited to the following:  loss of Huber/Work release privileges, loss of good time, loss of other privileges, special restriction, criminal prosecution, and denial of transfer.
  2. Minor violations may result in the loss of up to five days of Huber and up to two days good time
  3. Major rule violations: Drinking, giving false information on the Huber/Work release paperwork, use or possession of any unauthorized drug, operating a vehicle when not authorized, failure to report changes of employment status, and repeated minor violations of the rules, will result in revocation of the Huber/Work Release privilege.
  4. Transfers from other Jails under Huber/Work Release will have their transfer canceled for any violation of the rule or at any time the Sheriff of Douglas County or his representative so deems it in the interest of the Jail and Douglas County.
  5. Violation of the rules while in the Jail may result in general jail discipline and/or loss of release.
  6. Violations may result in the filing of new charges against the offender.  Jail discipline and new charges may occur at the same time.



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